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"A Guide for Persons With Disabilities"

Key for Using This Guide

All of the sites listed in this guide were rated using the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS). Each site has been given a general rating of its accessibility for their restrooms, visitor center, trails, docks, campsites and picnic areas.

* Requires extensive assistance to use
** Difficult to access independently or requires good physical strength
*** Good accessibility, may require some assistance, may be difficult for those using power wheel chairs
**** Excellent accessibility, can be used by almost anyone with a disability

Parking *** Trails * Overlooks ***

Devil's Garden Picnic Area
Parking *** Restroom Facilities *** Trails *

Comments: Devil's Garden Picnic Area is located at the far end of Arches National Park. The area is flat and has good access from the parking lot to the restrooms and picnic tables. There is one reserved space for persons with disablilities. The surface of the picnic area is hard packed sand. There are a few trails at the picnic site. They consist of soft sand and rough sandstone and are very narrow in places. To maneuver these trails takes an ability to climb around. All picnic tables have spaces at the end of them to allow for persons in wheel chairs. Many of the tables are located under small shade trees. The restooms meet accessibility standards. No reservations are needed for the picnic area. It is best to schedule trips to Arches in early spring and late fall because of extreme heat during the summer. There is a $3 per vehicle or $1.00 per person fee to enter the park.

Devil's Garden Campground
Parking *** Restroom Facilities *** Campsites ** Outdoor Theater ***

Comments: Tent camping would be a problem as the sand gets soft as you get away from the road. Separate fees are required for camping

BIG BEND PICNIC AREA (Seven miles from Hwy 191 on Hwy 128)
Parking ** Restrooms *** Picnic Tables ** Camping **

Comments: Big Bend picnic and campsite is located along the tree-lined Colorado River north of Moab. All surfaces consist of hard pack dirt/sand. There are many rocks and obstructions to maneuver around. Camping is allowed along the entire corridor as well as in the developed areas. Brush and tamarisk are abundant. At the present time there are no improved camping areas for persons with disabilities. There are plans to increase the accessibility of the sites. The BLM does not take reservations for this area so it is first come, first served. The Colorado Corridor is a heavily used area almost year round so it may be difficult to find an ideal spot. Restrooms meet accessibility standards. The picnic area at Big Bend has a slightly better surface to maneuver around. It is hard pack dirt/sand with fewer rocks and logs than the campsites. The picnic tables are constructed of large slabs of rock and would be difficult for a person in a wheel chair to sit. Good upper body strength or strong assistance will be needed to maneuver most areas along the Corridor. No fees are required.

DAILY BOAT LAUNCH AND CAMPSITE (13 miles from US Hwy 191 on Hwy 128)
Parking ** Restrooms *** Campsites ** Boat Ramp **

Comments: No designated parking space may present a problem during high use season. Restroom facilities meet accessibility standards. Campsites are on a first come first served basis and fill up quickly from late April through October. Surfaces here are better than along the rest of the Corridor, however weather could be a factor in the accessibiliy. The boat launch site is steep. There are no boarding ramps. Recent improvements to the surface of the ramp has improved the accessibility. Persons with mobility problems will need assistance to board rafts. The area is used by S'PLORE. They run successful boat trips for persons with disabilities on a regular basis from this site. No fees are required.

Parking *** Restrooms *** Picnic Tables *** Campground ***

Comments: Dead Horse Point overlooks the Colorado River. Surface is hard pack dirt/sand. Accessible in good weather. Accessibility to tent areas is difficult due to loose sand. Access to restrooms may require assistance because of obstructions in the pathway. Restrooms meet accessibility standards. All sites in campground have small covered pavilion for picnic area. Reservations preferred, especially in high use season. If using a wheelchair specify your needs for an accessible site when making reservations. Most campsites will allow independent access by persons with at least moderate upper body strength. Persons using canes and crutches should have no difficulty on the hard packed surfaces. Areas off the main trails are inaccessible to persons in wheelchairs due to soft sand. Day use fees are $3.00. Overnight camping fee is $7.00.

Parking *** Visitor Center * Visitor Facility Restroom * Overlook Restroom *** Picnic Area ** Overlook Trails ***

Comments: There is only one designated parking space, this may be a problem during high use season. Visitor Center is inaccessible to people using wheelchairs due to several steps at entrance. Restroom at Visitor Center would be dificult to enter independently for people with mobility problems due to a 5" step and narrow doorways. Within the next 2-3 years the Visitor Center will be moved to ground level providing access to people with mobility problems. The main trail at the overlook point is accessible at this time for someone who has good upper body strength or assistance. Secondary trails are difficult for persons in wheelchairs. Restrooms at overlook meet accessibility standards. There is no designated parking at overlook. Access from parking lot to restrooms and trails is good. Picnic areas are accessible in good weather. There is no shelter available from sun or wind.


Island In The Sky District
Visitors Center **** Picnic Area ** Restrooms *** Trails *** Parking ***

Comments: Island In The Sky Visitors Center is 32 miles northwest of Moab. During the summer months this area is very hot with little shade. There are several overlook areas that can be seen from the car. The trails within the park are very rugged and have rocks and plants to maneuver around. The visitor center is very accessible. Restrooms are located approximately 100 yards from the visitor center. Restrooms meet accessibility standards. The visitor center can be accessed by most anyone with little or no assistance required. There are some short trails around the visitor center that are accessible. There is a $3.00 per vehicle or $1.00 per person fee to enter the park.

Needles District Visitor Center
Parking *** Restroom Facilities *** Visitor Center ***

Comments: The Needles District of Canyonlands is very rugged and undeveloped. The trails are narrow and unimproved, good physical stamina will be required for most of them. They require extensive skill and assistance to negotiate using a wheelchair. Other than on the main roads of the park, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. There are only a few view points and overlooks that are visible from the road side. The parking area for the visitor center is concrete with two designated parking spaces. Visitor center and restrooms are accessible. Campgrounds would require moderate upper body strength or assistance to maneuver around. The campsites are sand/dirt with grass and rocks to maneuver around. Many of the sites have access to shade trees. The restroom facilities at the campsites vary in their accessibility. The most accessible restroom facility is located close to the group camp area. Reservations can be made for the group site. There is a $3.00 per vehicle or $1.00 per person fee to enter the park.

Picnic Area *** Trails * Restrooms *** Campsites ** Parking **

Comments: Newspaper Rock has some camping and picnic facilities. The highlight of the area is the petroglyph panel located just off the road. The trail to the panel has rocks and obstructions making it difficult for someone with mobility problems to get up to the edge of the display. The trail is accessible to within approx. 15 feet of the panel. This will get a person close enough to biew the petroglyphs. There are no provisions for those with vision impairments to have any contact with the petroglyphs. The restrooms meet accessibility standards. Camp sites are mostly designed for self contained RV type units. There is room for tent camping. Camping and picnic areas are hard packed dirt and may be difficult to maneuver around during rainstorms. No fees are required at this site.

OOWAH LAKE (La Sal Mountains Loop Road)
Picnic Area ** Trails * Restrooms * Campsites * Parking **

Comments: Oowah Lake is a remote Forest Service campground high in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The area is well shaded and is an excellent spot for someone looking for a cool location to camp during the summer heat. The area is mostly undeveloped. There has been little effort made to improve the accessibility at this site. Trails are narrow and undeveloped. The restrooms do not meet accessibility standards. They consist of narrow portable units. Camping and picnic areas are hard packed dirt and may be difficult to maneuver around. There is a $6.00 per night camping fee.

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