Pets on Vacation in Moab Utah
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The climate in Moab is considered arid and "hot" and has the potential of being extremely hazardous to your pets health. Temperatures in vehicles get hot enough to turn a CD or cassette tape into a puddle. Therefore it is not recommended that you leave your pet in a vehicle when air temperatures exceed 65 degrees, even for short periods of time (more than 5 minutes). Yes, even with the windows down, a short period of time can literally "kill" your pet.

The best thing to do, if you are staying at a motel, is to make arrangements with the management and leave your pet in the air conditioned room. You may also be able to find timeshares for rent at a few local resorts. These are more likely to be pet-friendly and also have grounds where you can walk your pet if they need exercise. If this isn't possible there are reasonably priced boarding kennels in town that will take good care of your pet. Use common sense in the care of your pet at all times, make sure that it has an constant, ample supply of fresh, cool water and watch forSigns of your pet "overheating".

Sorry, no pets allowed in any of Moab's City Parks, on or off leash. There is a leash law in Moab, PLEASE do not do as you see others doing. Please keep your pet on a leash and obey the pet laws.

In order to protect natural resources, protect your pet, and maintain an environment enjoyable for all visitors, please obey the following regulations while visiting the National Parks.

  • Pets are not allowed on any foot trails or in the backcountry.
  • Pets may not accompany you in your vehicle on backcountry roads.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times when outside your vehicle
  • Pets may be walked on paved roads, in parking lots and in campgrounds.
  • Pets must not be left unattended. Excessive noise may be cause for removal.

Click HERE for some pet friendly hiking trails outside of our parks.

NATIONAL PARKS: Activities with pets are very limited within the National Parks of southern Utah. Pets are prohibited from the backcountry as well as on trails. Pets must be leashed at all times when outside a vehicle and may be walked only on roads or in parking lots. Pets may accompany visitors in campgrounds.

PUBLIC LANDS: Generally, pets may accompany you as you hike on public land in Canyon Country. For the safety of your pet (there are many shear drop-offs in Canyon Country) and other hikers, pets should be kept under control at all times. Be aware that other wildlife may be encountered along trails. Please note that heavily traveled areas may have additional regulations regarding pets.

Pets on vacation should have a current identification tag. If you loose your pet call the animal shelter at: (435) 259-5216, leave a description of your pet and where you can be reached. Continue to check with the shelter. An ID tag is not an absolute guarantee that your pet will not be euthanized, please stay in contact with the shelter.

The shelter is equipped to scan animals for identification micro chips and can place one in your pet for $25.00.

One of the area Veterinary Clinics has reported that they are seeing quite a few pads on dogs feet that are torn up by running them on the slickrock. You could save your pet's paws, and some cash, by purchasing some dog shoes at Canyon Voyages, Gear Heads or Pagan Mountaineering, all conveniently located in Moab.

Area Kennels, Grooming and Veterinarians

  • Moab Veterinary Clinic 4575 Spanish Valley Drive Moab UT 84532 Len W. Sorensen DVM. Call 8 am-5 pm for boarding or appointment. Call 24 hrs. a day for emergencies (435) 259-8710.
    Pets will need to be fully vaccinated to board, vaccinations must be current. Dogs need to be vaccinated for "Kennel Cough" and you will need to bring proof of vaccinations. Advance reservations are helpful, especially around the holidays.
  • New! Tracey's Bed & Biscuit
    (for pets)
  • Karen's Canine Campground 2781 S. Roberts Rd. (435) 259-7922
  • K-9 Taxi and Boarding Call Jeff or Kimi 435 686-2295 (more info pdf)
  • Humane Society of Moab PO Box 1188 Moab, UT 84532 (435) 259-4862
    "HSMV does not board animals, we can help with the location of Boarding services."

Pet Supplies

  • ALCO Discount Store 1145 South Hwy. 191 Moab, 259-7707
  • Village Market, 702 S Main Street, Moab, 435-259-1105
  • City Market 425 South Main Moab, 435 259-5181
  • The Garden Center 240 West Center Moab, 435 259-5300
  • Spanish Valley Feed Store, 2728 S. Hwy. 191 Moab, 435 259-6315
  • Walker Drug 290 South Main Moab, 435 259-5959
  • Moab BARKery, 82 N. Main St, Moab 435.259.8080
  • Flint River Ranch,Super Premium Natural Cat and Dog Food
  • Food Facts: An intresting article about pet food (click here)
Home Sweet Home

Lodgings which allow pets

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Murine and Startoo

My name is Don Gray, 64 years old and happily married. Murine and I have enjoyed pets most of our lives. We have always tried to be responsible pet owners, in that animals are not just pets, they are also a big responsibility. We lost our Stardog (sniff, sniff, boohoo) on Monday June 11, 2001. (Tribute to Stardog ) We waited about three months and couldn't stand it without a dog so we purchased a 9 week old Sheltie puppy (Startoo) the end of September. I have done a considerable amount of traveling in hot climate with pets and wish to share what I have learned, mostly for the sake of your pet. I have seen some pretty irresponsible pet owners in my time, and unfortunately most of the "NO DOGS IN PARK" etc. signs are because of them.
You and your pets are most welcome in Moab. Pet laws are no different than other laws, they are made to be obeyed. I hope that you and your pet have a safe enjoyable visit in the Moab area.

Sincerely, Don Gray

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